Healing turns your wound into capacity

Julia de Souza Queiroz, Psychologist, PhD.

Like many before me, the pain in my life has propelled me to seek answers, which led to my personal work on expanding consciousness. Like many others, I carried childhood wounds and trauma for many years, struggling with symptoms and restricting my ability to love and reach my potential. Today, to facilitate my patients in the path to transform suffering into connection to their inner wisdom, I have found a way to give back to life the best it has offered me. As a psychologist and neuroscientist, I seek to integrate the core insights of how trauma, on the one hand, and emotional growth and self-development practices on the other, can affect the functioning of our brain and body, I use top-down (Pathwork and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and bottom-up (Somatic Experiencing) approaches in a perspective that the brain and the body co-participate in restoring health.

Julia de Souza Queiroz - Psicóloga Clinica


“I am writing this testimonial to express my profound gratitude for the incredible impact Julia has had on my life. In a remarkably short time, she has created a space where I’ve connected with myself in ways I never thought possible.

Julia radiates genuine compassion, patience, and an extraordinary amount of love, making every session feel like an oasis of safety. In just four sessions, she has not only unraveled layers of self-discovery but has also guided me towards profound insights and clarity. The most incredible part is that from the very first session, I felt a positive change, setting a transformative tone for my therapeutic journey.

Her tailored approach and unwavering commitment have transformed my therapeutic journey. Julia lights up the path even when the future seems extraordinarily dark, and I am fortunate to have found her. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking transformative and fulfilling therapy.

Please do yourself a favour, and book an appointment.”

N. S.

“The journey made with Julia has been being very rewarding. The care, empathy and the ethical way in which appointments are guided make the therapeutic process more fluid and effective. I am grateful to have found Julia in my path of self-improvement and  self-development!”

A. S.

“I was at a very difficult time in my life when I met Julia. At the time, I was on my second attempt at a new medication for depression. I was in disbelief that I could get better, but I needed to try a new professional and also a new approach.

Julia was the person who took my hand when I needed the most. From our first appointment, she gave me complete care and security. I felt a deep zeal for my story and for myself.

It was a turning point in my treatment to have Julia’s support. I feel that I have evolved a lot and that we are growing with each appointment. It hasn’t been easy to face so many difficulties after years without follow-up, but I totally trust that we are building this journey together.

Thank you for all the love, attention, empathy and humanity, Julia.

For more professionals like you for all those who need it.”

F. M.

“I just have to thank Julia for everything she did not only for me but for everyone around me. I am very grateful to the universe for directing your path to ours. You were light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks.”

D. V.

“When I found Julia, I also found the most patient and caring professional in the world. With her own tenacity and a strong conviction in not giving up.

Who accompanies the whole process with honesty and integrity, allowing us to fall, stumble, break an arm and a leg and to have tools, not only to get up, but to learn not to fall again.

I found in Julia all the hope and persistence in taking control of my life, without losing control.

And thanks to her, I am more autonomous and assertive, more present and more complete since I entrusted her the follow-up of my personal development and I believe that everyone needs “Ju”.”

L. G.

“In almost one year of treatment, I feel that I can face my daily life with another perspective. The sessions always leave me some interesting direction to take to the week, and this reflects in results, connections and relationships. I remain curious and excited to see my evolution in this process.”

V. C.

“Julia is a multidisciplinary professional, very capable, consistent and ethical. She conducts the treatment with gentleness and acceptance. Besides the care with the patient, Julia merges different approaches and tools to address the core of the problem, clarify the mechanisms and we heal as a whole.

Therapy with Julia was a milestone in my life. I say that there are pre- and post-Julia lives. I recommend her to everyone. I always say that everyone deserves to have this opportunity of self-knowledge and healing.”

L. L.

“Julia is a very qualified and competent professional. I was looking for a therapist who could bring me a balanced view and analysis between my mental and emotional/spiritual parts. In think Julia manages to work this balance, and since we started our work together, I have felt that my life has another perspective and light. My dynamics and paradigms are changing each day, and this simply helps me to be a happier and more conscious person in search of balanced and serene life.

I am very grateful, I will continue this journey with Julia, always with deep lightness!”

P. K.

“Therapy is something seen by many people as just sitting down and talking about what has been tormenting you, your anguish, your fears, afflictions and what paralyzes you when you wake up in the morning, but I believe it needs a connection.

A long time ago I met someone who helped me with their eyes, with the empathy I needed, with the love I thought I didn’t deserve and I lost her to eternal life, I didn’t give anyone the chance to help again. Until I left Brazil 3 months ago and looked for a psychologist here, at the first consultation her eyes, her empathy and her love for helping made me feel the same feeling I had so many years ago. I no longer believed that everything I was experiencing had a solution, even at 25 years old.

Julia, when you told me to close my eyes for the first time, I thought how silly it would be, until I understood that I needed to connect with someone who wasn’t happy, my child self. Your appointments are the most anticipated minutes of my week. You have shown me that there is a solution, today I may not know 100% who I am, but I am sure I am on the path to finding out.

Thank you for so much. You are an excellent professional and a great person.”


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